Fause Haten is considered one of the main talents of fashion design in Brazil until mid-2010, when he started his career in theater and visual arts.

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Fause Haten (São Paulo, October 1) is an artist who emerged on the Brazilian scene as a fashion designer for the generation that rekindled national fashion in the 90s. His work in fashion was of great contribution, at a time when, at the hands of Paulo Borges, fashion shows in Brazil began to resurface after a long hiatus.

He was considered one of the main talents of fashion design in Brazil until mid-2010, when he began to transform his presence in fashion and began his career in the performing and visual arts.
In the last few years, he has been standing out as a costume designer, visual artist and performer.

Born in São Paulo, he is the son of Lebanese immigrants who arrived in Brazil, took up residence in the region of 25 de Março and started a clothing industry there. At the age of 16 with the aim of traveling abroad, he started making clothes to sell.

In 1986, the designer launched his own brand, Der Haten, opening his first store at Av Cotovia in Moema.

In January 1992, he held his first fashion show, sharing the catwalk with Walter Rodrigues, who also launched his authorial brand after working on several companies.

The fashion show was sponsored by Dahruj Fabrics and Ford Models and took place in a Ford’s event space.

In August 1992, Fause and Walter held their second show at UNIT, União das Tecelagens with the support of Dahruj.

In January 1993, Fause held his iconic show at his store on Cotovia street, where Paulo Borges and Erika Palomino met their work.

In the middle of 1993 Fause joined Phitoervas Fashion in its second edition. After that, it became part of the Brazilian fashion calendar directed by Paulo Borges, started at Phytoervas Fashion transformed into Morumbi Fashion Brasil in 1997 and giving rise to São Paulo Fashion Week in 1999.

At that time, the Der Haten brand leaves the scene and Fause Haten appears, assuming its own name as a brand and signature.

As Fause Haten, he was launched at the American market by the fragrance brand Giorgio Beverly Hills. On September 1, 1999, it was launched in a show on Rodeo Drive, the most important fashion street in the world.

In 2000 he joined the New York Fashion Week, participating in 4 editions.

In 2001, he won the Abit Fashion Brasil award as the best stylist of the year.

Also in that year, in partnership with Riachuelo, it launched Haten.F, a young streetwear brand, with the intention of making its luxurious fashion more accessible. An ambitious project that preceded the projects of great designers with department stores that took place worldwide in the 2000s and 2010s.

In 2002 he was invited to move to the Milan Fashion Week, where he showed for 2 years.
He was the first Brazilian designer in these international fashion weeks, paving the way for many others, at a time when the internationalization of Brazilian fashion was considered, something very distant.

He designs jewelery, on his brand Fause Haten Jóias since 2004.

In 2006 he started his studies in Performing Arts. He graduated from Teatro Escola Célia Helena in 2009. He studied body, dance and interpretation, as well as lyrical singing and vocal preparation.

In 2009, he began working with musical partners composing and singing.

From there he began to use the knowledge acquired in the performing arts on his stage, which were the fashion catwalks.

In January 2010, in his winter 2010 show at SPFW he performs singing in a camouflage fur hat.

In June 2010, he performs again live in his fashion show, incarnating a character whose face was transformed into a globe of mirrors.

In 2011, he released his authorial CD CDFH and the book Some Words with poetic texts and musics of his own.

In June 2011 he held his first performance fashion show: Clarisse. In this show using as a soundtrack a text written and narrated by himself, he directs the performance on stage. Fause and 5 other drivers, take the models by the hand on the catwalk, who blindfolded, walked as if they were sleeping, rethinking the traditional walk of a model. This parade is attended by the dancers of Cia 8 Nova Dança and Nova Dança 4 as Conductors and the actor and director Dagoberto Feliz as “the Observer”, who places music boxes throughout the scenic space completing the performance.

In 2013 he released the CD VICIO of covers of the “brega” universe and went on tour with the show of the same name.

In March 2013, he made his most famous performance, THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DR. F. at Teatro Faap, where the models were replaced by 70 cm tall puppet dolls, paying homage to all the models that have already showed for him.

In October 2013, at the Museum MAB Faap, A FÁBRICA DO DR. F., took place. A scenographic factory was set up and the entire collection and collection preparation was made open to the public. Transformed clothing tests, casting, makeup tests, etc. in performances and your entire team in performers. This performance was part of the ENTRADA FRANCA project that also took Fause’s fashion show to Av Paulista, in an unexpected performance in the middle of the street.

In April 2014 he performs: Offer me your body and I make you Queen at Teatro Faap, during SPFW, where he built the clothes on stage.

In April 2014, Fause made her debut as, author, director and performer in the play A FEIA LULU, at Teatro Faap. A performance was based on the life of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé.

Using his body and his life as a stylist, Fause pays a beautiful tribute to the history of these important characters of the 20th century. A collective creation by Fábio Retti, Fause Haten, Francisco Carlos, Gregory Slivar, Marina Caron, Ondina Clais

In 2015 the performance fashion show: A “Styling” for Countess Sahyoun took place at Espaço FH, during SPFW.

In 2015, he was part of the cast of the play O FINGIDOR by Samir Yasbec.

In 2016, he created and co-curated the #FOradaMOda project at Sesc Ipiranga, where he also attended the installation of Dr. F.’s Factory.

At the opening of Dr. F.’s Factory he made the performance Death and Life of a Fashion Doll.

Dr. F.’s Factory was an exhibition and performance space that ran from April to June presenting Fause’s creative processes in fashion, theater and visual arts. At Dr.F”s. he presented the performances Lili Marlene, a Risco 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. These performances were part of the creation of the show Lili Marlene, an Anti Musical.

In 2016 he presented the performance #CemPeitos at Galeria Mezanino.

In 2017, he debuted his second play, at Teatro Eva Herz, Lili Marlene, an Anti Musical. Performing, directing and writing lyrics with music by André Cortada.

During 2018 he createa serie of selfportraits: Selfiescultura and Naturaleza Morta.

These projects are part of his third theater creation, Lê + Lé: I’m a Monster.

In 2019 began a series of individual performances that are part of the creation process of Lê + Lé: I am a Monster.

In 2020, prepares for the debut of Lê + Lé: I am a Monster

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2018 – Lili Marlene, um Anti Musical – Teatro Eva Herz
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2015 – Direção, Cenário e Figurino do show corporativo Eu e Ella – Maria Rita canta Ella Fitzgerald

Today, more than anything, I feel like a performer. In music I see myself as an actor who sings. In the theater I sometimes find myself still trying to hide the designer. In fashion I often feel that I am acting.

What theater brought to my work in fashion was the truth. The truth of being who I am, as I am. Assume the artist with all the doubts and questions. I want to continue doubting, not taking myself too seriously.

I want to continue making art and trying to make the world more beautiful. Intersecting all universes, creating connections between talented people and always knowing that I am only halfway there.